About us

Miguelitos International Corporation has been in the Manufacturing and Franchising business since 2002, Miguelitos manufacture a wide variety of instant food premixes namely (Beverage Mix, Milkshake Mix, Coffee & Choco Mix, Milk Tea Mix, Kakanin Mix, Bakery Mix, Snack Seasoning Mix, Chicken Breading & Gravy Mix) and the #1 Soft Serve Ice Cream in the Philippines. Miguelitos is a trusted supplier and business partner of five-star hotels, restaurants, food chains and has a solid partnership with known supermarket companies since 2008. Today Miguelitos Food Products are dealing Export, serving the counties of USA, Canada, UAE, Australia and Japan.

Miguelitos International Corporation

Corporate Mission

Miguelitos International Corporation is committed and focused on creative innovation, developing new products and business concepts with high quality, value and consistency that will exceed our customer satisfaction.

Corporate Vision

With dedication and professionalism we aim to become one of the most progressive franchising and manufacturing companies that offers unlimited business opportunities to customers, globally