1. WHEN DO THE FRANCHISE APPLICANT NEED TO PAY FEE? Once the Franchise Applicant is Approve, Applicants needs to sign an application form and Memorandum of Agreement for the 50% down Payment. The remaining balance is payable 7 days before the actual opening. Signing of the Franchise Agreement is scheduled a 1-2 weeks before the opening. 2. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO OPEN A FRANCHISE BUSINESS? The franchise business development process will take 3-4 weeks. The activities include processing of business permit, fabrication of the foodcart, equipment and materials preparation, and actual training of the service crew and the franchisee. 3. HOW MANY UNITS CAN A SINGLE FRANCHISEE OWN? A single franchisee can own multiple units for as long he/she can pay the necessary fees and observe the standard operation procedures set by the franchisor. 4. WHERE CAN FRANCHISEE OPERATE THEIR FRANCHISE OUTLET? Franchisee can operate their outlet in any high foot traffic areas such as schools, malls, plazas, bazaars and during special events. The company will ensure that no two franchisee outlets are located within 500 meter radius so franchisee can fully see the return of investment without the need to compete with another franchisee. 5. WHAT IS THE CART DIMENSION AND AREA REQUIREMENT? We have standard foodcart dimension of 2m x 2m area or it may vary depending on the mall criteria (Kiosk Type or Stall type).

6. HOW MUCH CAN A FRANCHISE EARN? Franchisee profitability depends highly on where the location of the foodcart is. With estimated 50% Gross Margin Profit. 7. WHAT KIND OF TRAINING WILL THE FRANCHISEE RECEIVE? We conduct actual training during one on one demonstration for the franchisee and the service crew seven (7) days before the opening which is held at our office. Service crew will also undergo 2-3 days of actual training of the basic food cart operation and product handling knowledge within our company own store. 8. WHAT PRODUCT WILL BE SOLD IN THE FRANCHISE OUTLET? AT WHAT PRICE SHOULD THE PRODUCT BE SOLD? Foodcart concepts are allowed to sell only approved merchandise. Franchisor will set the standard pricelist of the menu as the standard selling price. 9. HOW WILL FRANCHISOR ENSURE THAT QUALITY AND STANDARD OF OPERATION IN THE STORE ARE BEING MAINTAIN? Franchisor will designate store manager who shall audit store operations on the basis of franchisor approved standards on service, product quality, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, atmosphere, etc.

A franchise fee has complete package inclusive of the following:

Food Cart with Signages and Equipment, Initial Stocks for two days, Uniform, Training, No Royalty Fees,

Store Opening Assistance with Mascot Appearance, Flyers and Pastoral Dedication.

Renewable for another 3 years. Site Assistance (Mall Location).