Miguelitos International Corporation has been in the Manufacturing and Franchising business since 2002. Miguelitos manufactures a wide variety of instant food premixes, namely Beverage Mix, Milkshake Mix, Coffee & Choco Mix, Milk Tea Mix, Kakanin Mix, Bakery Mix, Snack Seasoning Mix, Chicken Breading & Gravy Mix, and the #1 Soft Serve Ice Cream in the Philippines. Miguelitos is a trusted supplier and business partner of five-star hotels, restaurants, and food chains and has had a solid partnership with known supermarket companies since 2008. Today, Miguelitos Food Products is dealing with Export, serving the countries of the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, and Japan.

Kakanin Series

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of traditional kakanin, expertly crafted with a modern twist.

Instant Beverages

Our extensive range caters to a diverse plate. From instant drink mixes, milk teas, juices, and many more!

Bakery Products

Elevate your baking experience with Miguelitos Bakery Products—made with premium ingredients.

Snack Seasonings

Spice up your snack game with Miguelitos Snack Seasonings—the ultimate flavor boost for favorite snacks.

Instant Coffees

Experience the perfect balance of flavors in every sip, making your coffee extraordinary—whether hot or cold.

Cotton Candy Mix

Transform any moment into a carnival of sugary joy with Miguelitos Cotton Candy Mix.

Champorado Products

Indulge in the comforting richness of Miguelitos Champorado, which brings the warmth of a traditional Filipino breakfast.

Slush Mix

Discover the refreshing burst of vibrant flavors that turns any occasion into a cool and icy adventure with Miguelitos Slush Mix!

Scramble Mix

Experience the sweet nostalgia of Filipino street food with Miguelitos Scramble Mix.

Instant Taho

The First Instant Taho in the market is here! It has soybean curd, pearls, and brown sugar—all in one easy package!

Creamy Soup

Indulge in comfort with Miguelitos Creamy Soup that gives you a warm hug in every spoonful!

Machines and Equipments

Explore efficiency and precision in your food business with Miguelitos' top-tier baking machines.

Welcome to Miguelitos Food Service, where culinary excellence is our hallmark and customer satisfaction is our priority. For over two decades, Miguelitos Food Service has been a distinguished name in the manufacturing and franchising business, proudly elevating culinary experiences both in the Philippines and beyond. With 22 years of dedication to quality and innovation, we have garnered recognition and certification from reputable organizations, setting a standard of excellence in food safety and quality assurance.

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