Inspiring Story

Where we started? From our humble beginning as retailer of soft serve ice cream premixes and ice cream machine, Miguelitos International Corporation (MIC) went through significant changes for over the past years. From retailing to franchising, we are now also one of the most promising food manufacturing companies which offer wide variety of safe quality foodservice products to the market. Currently, we have widened our market as manufacturing company. Through continuous research and creative innovations, MIC will consistently provide and develop new products with high quality and value that will surely exceed our customers’ satisfaction.

The business became known in manufacturing "Miguelitos Ice Cream Premix" for their own brand of Miguelitos Ice Cream Concept. Their ice cream franchise concept has grown and expanded nationwide in the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Presently, the company Miguelitos International Corporation has developed 12 more concepts.


Miguelito's International Corporation is committed and focused on creative innovation, developing new products and franchise concepts with high quality, value and consistency that will exceed our customer satisfaction.


With dedication and professionalism we aim to become one of the most progressive franchising and manufacturing companies that offers unlimited business opportunities to customers, globally.

Marlon and Michelle Aman

CEO Marlon Aman together with his wife Michelle Aman; Company President, Miguelito's International Corporation.